I am spiritually aware and inspired by faith

Spiritually Aware

Noticing how I feel when being still and calm
e.g. climbing trees, being with others, slowing down and being still

Reflecting on questions about the world and God

Contemplating significant moments in my life through tuning into my inner world

Engaging with existential questions 
e.g. questions about life and existence

Reflecting on the gift of life experiences and the interconnectedness of life 
e.g. reflecting on the mystery of life

Recognising when I feel at peace

Doing things that make me feel at peace 
e.g. being in prayer services or Mass, spending time with others, spending time in nature, helping others

Responding to what is happening in my inner world
e.g. using creativity to express my inner thoughts and feelings, being aware of my feelings when praying

Prioritising time for personal and shared spiritual nourishment 
e.g. through reflecting in nature, praying, community service, celebrating Sacraments 

Aspiring to live a life of love and service 

Being open to reflective moments

Appreciating opportunities for prayer and/or reflection

Seeking opportunities for prayer and/or reflection
e.g. at home, in my classroom, by myself or with others, in Church

Prioritising time for regular prayer and/or reflection in my life

Inviting others into experiences of prayer and/or reflection

Noticing moments of connection 
e.g. with others, with God, with the environment

Reflecting on how I am interconnected
e.g. how am I interconnected with other people and creation?

Recognising how my interconnectedness affects my action
e.g. my connection with God and humanity inspires me to care for others

Seeking to be in right relationships with others, God and creation
e.g. taking responsibility for my actions, seeking and offering forgiveness 

Building solidarity with others, especially those who are vulnerable or suffering 

Asking if something is true

Seeking trustworthy sources of truth
e.g. trusted adults, Gospel stories

Engaging with the truth that the Catholic faith shares
e.g. reflecting on and seeking the meaning of Scriptural texts and Church teachings

Recognising and discerning truth claims
e.g. who or what is making this claim? What wisdom does the Catholic tradition offer?

Being committed to be a truth seeker and seeking to live with integrity
e.g. continuing to be open to and engage with Christian wisdom about truth 

Inspired by Faith

Noticing things about the Christian community
e.g. rituals, songs, stories, people

Being open to learning about Catholic Christianity

Being involved in community activities of my Catholic school
e.g. social outreach, prayer groups, Mass and liturgy, leading school tours

Examining how others live a life of Christian faith 

Reflecting on the Christian community’s leadership in matters of importance
e.g. sanctity of life, social justice, the environment, forgiveness

Sharing what I believe

Wondering what I believe about God

Asking personal questions about faith 
e.g. what is faith? What does faith mean to me and others? 

Contemplating the place of my religious identity in significant experiences
e.g. how does my religious identity (Christian, searching faith, etc.) affect the way I celebrate or grieve?

Considering how my religious identity influences my decisions and actions 
e.g. what is my faith calling me to do here?

Noticing and being open to others’ beliefs

Respectfully asking questions about faith perspectives of others
e.g. questions about practices, beliefs

Listening to and sharing with others to seek understanding
e.g. making connections, noticing differences

Engaging with and reflecting on my and others’ faith perspectives
e.g. am I gaining new insights? How well can I communicate about my religious tradition?

Being open to building new or clearer insights about faith
e.g. critiquing my own biases and prejudices to ensure that I am remaining dialogical  

Being kind to others

Making loving choices
e.g. saying sorry and repairing relationships

Prioritising just choices and actions 
e.g. how did Jesus’ actions seek justice? Are my actions respectful of self and others?

Evaluating how my choices and leadership uphold the dignity of self, others and creation

Empowering others to prioritise action for justice and nonviolence

Thinking about how God loves me
e.g. through the people who love me, through the gift of creation

Recognising that I can have a growing relationship with God
e.g. learning from other people who believe in God, listening to and thinking about Bible stories

Spending time to explore a relationship with God
e.g. talking with someone about faith, meditating, praying, reading Scripture

Exploring faith through reflecting on my thoughts, feelings and actions
e.g. reflecting on acts of service, tuning into my intuition (gut feeling) when thinking about faith, celebrating Eucharist

Deepening or critiquing my faith stance 
e.g. in what ways am I living my faith? Or do I have an honest and searching faith stance? How open am I to an ongoing relationship with Jesus and God?

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