I am self-aware, collaborative and socially adept


Putting effort into trying new things 

Being resilient when things are challenging
e.g. persisting, trying new ways ….

Using failure as an opportunity to grow and learn

Focussing on how my self-belief can influence my successes
e.g. having a growth mindset helps me overcome hurdles

Approaching challenges with optimism and tenacity

Recognising when I learn
e.g. celebrating when I can write my name

Reflecting on what helps me learn 
e.g. working with others, working independently, choosing when to have a go and when to ask for help

Identifying my challenges as a learner and applying strategies to overcome them
e.g. I am hesitant to try new things, so I focus on my positive self-talk

Using learning strategies flexibly to suit my needs

Endeavouring to be a life-long learner

Taking responsibility 
e.g. I put my things back

Setting goals and working towards them

Using strategies to help me stay focused on my goals 
e.g. using a time limit as motivation, being organised with what I need

Critiquing my effectiveness in working towards my goals

Revising personal priorities and goals 

Noticing and naming my emotions
e.g. recognising when I am excited, sad, angry...

Recognising how my emotions affect me and others

Using strategies to help me control my emotions
e.g. using calming techniques such as breathing, mindfulness, listening to music

Considering and reasoning my emotional responses
e.g. how are my emotions effecting how I express myself?

Regulating emotional responses in order to look after myself and others 
e.g. recognising how certain situations can trigger an extreme emotional response and putting strategies in place to care for my own well-being


Learning and playing together with others

Using cooperative behaviours when working with others on a common goal 
e.g. listening, turn-taking, respect, compromising

Applying effective collaborative strategies
e.g. clear lines of communication, considering all points of view when making decisions, having a shared goal

Valuing the skills and contribution of others

Maximising my own and others personal and interpersonal skills to contribute to common goals 

Listening to others

Recognising and valuing the viewpoints of others

Acknowledging the situation and identifying agreed goals

Working collaboratively toward resolutions 
e.g. using a third party to mediate

Tuning in and responding to warning signs of potential conflict 
e.g. speaking with someone who has become withdrawn

Socially Adept

Sharing experiences with others

Applying strategies to interact appropriately
e.g. turn taking, listening, cooperation, respect, eye contact

Mindfully using inclusive behaviours 
e.g. body language, greeting people, checking in if everyone is being included, showing interest in others

Responding appropriately to varying social norms and expectations
e.g. call out or challenge social norms that are disrespectful, adapt my language to be appropriate to my workplace

Endeavouring to interact with genuine sensitivity and respect 

Interacting positively with others

Making choices which nurture good relationships 
e.g. being kind, fair, inclusive, forgiveness 

Prioritising respect of self and others in my relationships 
e.g. being true to yourself and respectful to others

Considering if the balance of power in my relationships is mutually respectful

Evaluating my role in various relationships and identifying areas for improvement

Initiating activity with others

Taking initiative and showing resourcefulness
e.g. doing something helpful without being asked

Positively influencing others

Actively collaborating with others in developing a shared vision
e.g. working with others to design a renovation for our sporting club

Inspiring others with humility
e.g. communicating passionately about a cause

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