I am literate, numerate and an effective communicator

Literate (Making Meaning Through Texts)

Sharing my ideas and listening to others 

Finding and exploring connections 
e.g. connecting my experiences to texts, text to self, text to world

Drawing from a range of strategies
e.g. inferencing, interpreting, summarising etc.

Sourcing and analysing new information to gain clarity
e.g. asking critical questions, exploring contexts, comparing texts

Discerning and applying appropriate strategies flexibly

Seeking opportunities to engage with a wide variety of texts
e.g. singing, storytelling, role play, Godly play, drawing etc. 

Experimenting with different ways of engaging with texts
e.g. writing a message, creating a song, talking about story characters, making predictions about a story etc. 

Clearly knowing my purpose 

Analysing the effect of literacy practices
e.g. how does the hidden marketing in social media influence me?

Adeptly switching between literacy practices to suit purpose

Exchanging ideas, feelings and understandings

Considering the interests and needs of others when creating texts
e.g. sharing the talking and listening, using appropriate language 

Choosing the most appropriate communication strategies for my purpose

Evaluating my communication skills across contexts
e.g. listening, non-verbal communication, open-mindedness, showing empathy, giving and receiving feedback, picking the right medium

Defining enablers and barriers and planning my communication approach
e.g. is there a language barrier in place and how will I address this?


Engaging in play
e.g. doing puzzles, noticing patterns, water play

Recognising how my skills can help me function in the world
e.g. using estimation skills to wrap a present, using my understanding of time to help plan a journey

Linking related ideas to make meaning
e.g. seeing connections between the use of spaces in sports to better understand the sport

Interpreting information to make inferences and draw conclusions 

Transferring and adapting concepts 
e.g. how far off are we going to be if we make an error in orienteering

Recalling details I know 
e.g. numbers, days of the week, shapes etc.

Using a range of methods to solve problems

Showing flexibility and efficiency in my approaches to find solutions

Justifying my choice of appropriate methods

Manipulating known methods to efficiently find solutions
e.g. using measurement, time and frequency to solve a musical composition problem

Noticing and wondering about mathematical problems
e.g. I wonder how many things can fit in the container?

Experimenting and making mathematical predictions to help me solve problems
e.g. what size log do I need to create a bridge?

Drawing on known mathematical strategies and justifying my choices

Forming and testing conjectures
e.g. if I take the train instead of the bus to sports training then I am more likely to get there in time (so I test both and compare)

Investigating problem situations with agility and communicating solutions effectively
e.g. analysing and comparing the costs of streaming networks to make cost effective decisions

Discussing my mathematical discoveries

Explaining my mathematical choices
e.g. I decided to ride my bike to the destination because it was too far to walk

Using mathematics to logically justify my processes and conclusions

Using mathematics to evaluate the reasonableness and limitations of conclusions
e.g. using statistics to support a reasonable conclusion about a historical event or geographical decision

Using mathematics to refine rational and concise arguments
e.g. using measurement data to support or critique a scientific argument

Sharing mathematical concepts through my play 
e.g. using mathematical words, exploring size

Using mathematical language to express ideas
e.g. fairness, size, time

Being clear and coherent when sharing mathematical ideas

Discussing mathematical ideas 

Engaging purposefully in mathematical discourse
e.g. collaborating to create common understandings and theories 

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