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Key Capabilities Continua

Key capabilities help children and young people be comfortable and confident in who they are and give them the tools to thrive throughout their lives – from the early years, through schooling, and beyond.

It invites children and young people to reflect on and show evidence of their capabilities by engaging in and drawing upon a variety of experiences both within and outside of school, and through reflection on these experiences. 

Both adults and peers can support individual students by helping them think about their capabilities, suggesting ways they can grow in their capabilities and helping them think about times they have been observed in using their capabilities.

Supporting students in using the Key Capabilities Continua

  • Talk with your child about the capabilities.
  • Discuss times that you have seem them evidence a capability
    i.e. When we went camping I noticed you were using ….
    When we trying to put up the tent”
  • Ask questions regarding where they see their capabilities strengths and focus areas.
  • Ask them questions about school experiences and their developing capabilities.
  • Share times you have evidenced capabilities in your life.

SACE and the Key Capabilities

The Key Capabilities does not replace the SACE Capabilities - but instead provides a resource for young people as they develop and evidence their growth of their capabilities.

The Key Capabilities Continua supports young people to understand capabilities and how they can be nuanced within the SACE subjects and provides language that students can use to show the development of their capabilities.

The Structure of Key Capabilities

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