How to engage with the Key Capabilities Continua


Choose a capability you would like to reflect on. 

Read through the sub-elements. 

Choose a sub-element. Read it and then read across the phases to see where you see yourself as a person, learner, leader.  

Then look to see how you could grow in this capability. 

You can use the continua to reflect on learning experiences in the classroom.

For example:  

when you are in the classroom you can reflect on how you “engage authentically with others” (Self aware, collaborative and socially adept) and/or “seek solutions and put ideas into action” (Knowledgeable, inquisitive and innovative).

You can also use the continua to reflect on your experiences outside of the classroom.

Some examples of experiences that you could reflect on are:  

  • Camp, liturgy, friendships 
  • Faith experiences and experiences of service (volunteering, attending Mass etc) 
  • Club experiences, such as sport, music, drama, chess etc. 

Think about what evidence you can collect to show this capability.

You could use:

  • A photo or audio file  
  • Your own work, i.e. written, drawing, reflection  
  • A comment from an adult or peer 
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