The Structure of Key Capabilities

At the top of each poster is the name of the capability. Each capability features the following elements:

Organising elements:
Each poster has two or three sub-headings. These are called 'organising elements'. Together they make up the capability.

The left-hand side column contains bold writing. These are called 'sub-elements'. These make up each organising element.

To the right of the sub-elements are five 'phases'. These phases represent how you develop the capability more deeply as you learn, experience and grow. You will notice that the colour in the headings gets darker to represent growth in that capability.

Each phrase contains black text. These are called 'indicators'. They express growth in the sub-element.

Under some indicators there is purple writing. These are called 'elaborations'. They can help you understand the indicators better. Not all elaborations have indicators but, with your help, more will be added.

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