The Key Capabilities Continua...


At the heart of our Living Learning Leading Framework is our commitment to our students and our understanding of all people – we see them as ‘thriving people, capable learners, leaders for the world God desires.’

A resource has been developed to support students to develop each of the seven key capabilities outlined in the framework, known as the Key Capabilities Continua.

Co-constructed with students and for students, the Continua is a tool to support children and young people to reflect on, evidence, plan for and grow their capabilities in partnership with educators and their families.

The Continua is designed for use at any age or year level. It invites children and young people to evidence their capabilities by engaging in and drawing upon a variety of experiences both within and outside of school, and through reflection on these experiences.

Recognising and developing their key capabilities will help young people be comfortable and confident in who they are and give them the tools to thrive throughout their lives – from the early years, through schooling, and beyond.

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